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Security Camera Installation Company in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Security Cameras For Domestic & Business Properties

Security Camera Company in Eastbourne
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3 year warranty

We are located in Eastbourne, East Sussex and provide our customers with a fast and reliable service. Our security camera systems and installation work come with a 3 year warranty. We do not add subscriptions onto our security camera systems so this means using the system is completely free. we are also installation experts and take pride in how the security cameras and installation parts will look on a building.

Why Choose us for your Security Camera installation

Does your business need security cameras?

Most People choose to have the added protection of a Security camera system at their home or business because an incident has taken place, or as a precaution. This is why we offer a speedy service. We aim to send quotes out on the same day that we receive a request or have completed a survey. If you are an Eastbourne resident, you could have a system installed within 1-5 days.

Need to Find Out How Much a Security Camera System Costs?

Compete our CCTV form below and we will send you a provisional quote over to you within hours. 

All enquires welcome, even if you are just wanting to find  out how much CCTV costs

We offer a full security camera service including
Security Camera Surveys
Security Camera Quotes
Security Camera Installation
Security Camera Repair
Security Camera Service
Security Camera Maintenance

We offer our service to residential and business properties.

Our Security Camera Services in Eastbourne​

CCTV and security camera installation service in Eastbourne

We are a professional CCTV and security systems company based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We have been providing our customers with a professional security service for over 15 years.  We are fully trained, insured and hold current enhanced DBS checks. Our pricing is fair and competitive. We are a friendly company and we welcome all potential customers and inquires.

What you Get With our Security Camera Installation

  • You get a 3 year warranty with your CCTV

  • You get free app connection and free viewing with your CCTV

  • You get a professional CCTV installation

  • You get excellent customer support

  • Great maintenance packages

Our company goal is to have repeat customers and recommendations which means we have to be good at what we do. This means we have to be competitive in our pricing, install excellent systems to a professional standard and deliver an outstanding service.


Wired CCTV systems have been around for decades and have not changed much in terms of wiring infrastructure, although CCTV cameras and recording technology have come on a long way. Wired CCTV systems work and they are reliable, there is no battery to change or charge up and you don't have to worry about weak WiFi signals to the cameras. Wired CCTV systems consist of a CCTV recorder (NVR or DVR), and the cameras. Each camera is typically wired individually back to the recorder.

CCTV Wiring, Your main concern regarding a wired CCTV system may be the wiring, but done professionally, wired can be concealed and out of sight. We as a company pay particular attention to  wiring. on 99% of our jobs, there is not a wire in sight.

Wireless CCTV systems have become more common in recent years but are they any good? We try not to install wired CCTV systems as these types of systems fall into the  DIY category.  Wireless systems tend to come with basic features and can be unreliable. Our main goal is to provide the best level of security for our customers and we don't think wireless surveillance meets that criteria.  

Power ,  To power wireless CCTV system, you either have to charge the battery up every so often of you have to run power to the camera.  

Our Verdict

If you need more than 1 CCTV camera, then go for a wired system, A multi camera wired CCTV system will be cheaper, will have better performance and will be more reliable.

If you need just the 1 cameras then it may be cheaper to go for a wireless camera.

Wired or Wireless Security Cameras?

Which are best?

Reliable Home and Business Security in Eastbourne



A feeling of security is one universal human need. And beyond physical, bodily security, people need to know that their environment, investments, and belongings are safe as well. Security systems are installed in homes and businesses every day to create that sense of security. Compared to conventional sensor-based alarm systems, a surveillance system that utilizes cameras has several advantages:

• the ability to watch events in real-time,

• obtaining key data around those events,

• and providing solid and accurate evidence for law enforcement

For Home

Whether you choose to keep an eye on the house yourself or hire a professional service provider to look after your home, there’re two functions you will surely want to have: Prompt Notification via Smartphone Whether events will be taken care of by you or someone else, it’s also good to have the first-hand information. You’ll get a notification on the App or via SMS when the alarm is triggered. Then check out the live video from your phone. Light and Sound Intruder Deterrence Knowing what the suspect looks like is important, especially for providing evidence to police. However, property losses have already occurred at that time. It would be even better if there were means that can provide on-site deterrence and prevent any loss at all. Now you can! AcuSense Network Camera can be set to react to intrusion events with a flashing light and customizable siren, alerting any would-be intruder that they are being monitored and have already been spotted.

For Business

Factories, warehouses, office and shops store high-value raw materials or commodities. Security here is crucial. However, there is usually only limited manpower to perform such tasks. Replace Security Patrols with Camera Monitoring Using AcuSense products can greatly improve perimeter monitoring efficiency and ensure that limited human resources can be deployed only where most needed. Accurate Trespassing Alarm for Human Targets Factories and warehouses mostly deal with human intrusion events, which might turn into burglary or vandalism. The security team can set their AcuSense devices to send alerts only upon the detection of a human intrusion. Wild animals crossing the line will no longer trigger the alarm.

Wildlife Security Camera Installation in Eastbourne

Which animals visit your garden?


CCTV security systems are great for protecting your home or business, but they can also be used a for a less criminal activity. Some of our customers in Eastbourne have asked for cameras to view wildlife in their garden. It can be somewhat enjoyable to see what goes in in your garden overnight. Not only can you view live video of your garden but you can also view playback.

Never miss animal activity again with notifications sent to your smartphone, or tablet within seconds and you can even view the animals in your garden from your TV or a monitor.

Our animal CCTV cameras give great images day and night, Click HERE to get free Quote​.

The images below show notifications of a Squirrel and a mouse on a test camera in Eastbourne, The CCTV image of the Squirrel was during the day and the image of the mouse was during the night in complete darkness with the new colour at night CCTV camera.

animal camera in Garden
Garden CCTV for Animals

What CCTV system is best for your property?

You may be thinking about getting a CCTV system but do you know what type you need?

What types of CCTV systems are there?

What is IP CCTV?
IP is short for internet protocol. IP CCTV systems have been around for over 15 years but have become more common in the last 5 years. The common structure of an IP system includes a NVR (Network Video Recorder) and the IP cameras. An IP system is wired using data cable. IP cameras offer installation flexibility in the fact that they can be added to a large network without being individually wired back to a DVR.  IP cameras can communicate with the DVR over a network. 

Analog HD CCTV
What is Analog HD CCTV?
Analog CCTV is most common in CCTV systems and has been around for the longest but in recent years it has been given a new tittle of HD CCTV. HD CCTV system structure consists of the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and CCTV cameras that are individually wired back to the DVR using coax CCTV cable. Traditionally Analog CCTV had offered upto 1080p resolution but  new advances in technology have seen an increase in resolution that an Analog  CCTV system can offer with upto 8 megapixel, 4K resolution.

What CCTV system should you choose?
You may think IP CCTV is a better system due to its recent popularity, but that may not be the case. You need a CCTV system that is going to offer the best security for your property as well as being within your budget.

Our Advice.
If you need a Security camera system for your home or a smaller building and the cameras can be wired back to the recorder then go for an HD CCTV which still offer great resolution of upto 4K and is going to be cheaper than an IP CCTV system.

If you need CCTV for a large building but wiring the cameras back to a central point is going to be difficult, then an IP CCTV system will be best, but this also depends on the network infrastructure being in place.

Security Camera Types
Below are some examples of camera types

PIR camera

PIR Camera

The PIR camera comes with a warning light and PIR movement detection.

ColorVu Camera

ColorVu Camera

A CCTV camera that offers colour video at night.

Dome Camera

Dome Camera

This is the traditional shape of a dome camera.

Motorised Camera

Motorised Camera

The motorised lens lets you change the focal length from the CCTV recorder.

PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera

Pan tilt and zoom with a PTZ camera, 

Bullet Camera

Bullet Camera

This is the traditional shape of a bullet camera.


Eastbourne is situated in the South East of England and is made up of 9 wards which are Hampden Park, Devonshire, Langney, Meads, Old Town, Ratton, St Anthony’s, Sovereign and Upperton,

Eastbourne has historically had low crime figures but has seen an increase year after year and the biggest increase has come within the last 3 years.

Theft from homes and businesses has seen an increase, especially from outside areas. These thefts include machines, garden furniture, bikes and tools.

On average, the number of security systems installed at premises in Eastbourne are low. The number of new Burglar Alarms in homes and business locations have dropped in recent years compared to new installations over the last 20 years.

CCTV security cameras have seen a rise over the last 5 years and are now a preferred security measure for protecting properties. The reason CCTV cameras are now preferred over burglar alarms, this is because of new technology, CCTV systems are now great at detecting movement and sending notifications to a recipient meaning CCTV systems can detect in intruder before they even get in to a building.

People choose to have surveillance cameras for many reasons but most commonly, the installation takes place after a crime has taken place.

In Eastboure, the top 5 reasons for having a CCTV system installed are

1, Criminal Damage

2, Neighbour dispute

3, Theft from a garden

4, Vandalism

5, Piece of mind

Having a professional security system will act as a deterrent and criminals prefer not to be seen on camera, piece of mind in certainly a good enough reason to have security cameras installed.

Security cameras are great if your spending time away from home or you need to keep eyes on your business overnight or during holidays.

Need a Security Camera Installation in Eastbourne?

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