Audio and Visual Systems

Sound System Repair and Installation

  • Home theatre

  • Home cinema

  • Garden audio systems

  • HD distribution

  • Rack building

  • Surround sound

  • TV wall mounting

  • DJ sound systems

  • Club sound systems

  • Bar sound systems

  • Event sound systems

  • PA systems

Sound System Repair

We provide a sound system repair, servicing and troubleshooting service.

We can assess your system to make sure all of your sound equipment is within its limits ans also fault find noise interference issues. 

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Exceptional surround sound, Bring the theatre to your home

HD distrubution

Have all of your HD devices distributed around your home or business from one central location.

Sonos Installation

We offer Sonos sound systems for home and business.

Sonos surround sound

Sonos outdoor audio

Sonos multi room audio

Sonos ceiling speakers

Our services include, supply, installation, repair, configuration, updating and wiring.

Outdoor Sound systems

Outdoor sound systems for your home or business.

Quality sounds systems for events and personal use.

Ideal for social events or just relaxing with some nice music on.

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