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Security Alarm Company Bexhill

An alarm System that you Control

A truly secure, professional and easy to use security alarm system which is designed to give you full control,

Fast  installation with 5-7 years battery life

Secure anything and everything from Caravans, Vans and Garages to large buildings.

You have full control of your system, so you never need to be worried about your siren disturbing you neighbours.  It takes seconds to check your app and turn off your alarm.

Full control means that you will never have to book a callout from an engineer should you set off your alarm by accident.

Security Alarm Hailsham

Do not let Intruders get into your Property

With most conventional burglar alarm systems, intruders have to gain access to your property before the alarm system makes a sound, we think this is a terrible idea, we want your alarm system to activate before any damage is caused or entry is has been gained.

Our security alarm system has intelligent and well thought out devices, with shock sensors on doors and windows and garden sensors that detect people,,  once an intruder has been detected you will know from your smartphone within seconds and smart devices can do great things like bringing your lights on, closing your gates or shutters, the possibilities are endless.

Security Alarms

Ultimate Security with Endless Possibilities

Home security alarm devices

You Choose how to set your Alarm System

Alarm phone app


Take full control of your alarm system with your smart phone and have access to all of your setting, notifications and events. You can even add and delete users.

Security Alarm Tag

User Tag

Add user tags and share them with friends and family for quick setting and unsettling of your alarm

system,. You can even block users directly from your smartphone within seconds.

Security Alarm Keypad


The keypad lets you set and unset your alarm system with a user code which can be added or changed from your smartphone app., you can even select a night set. The keypad has a duress and panic function.

Alarm Remote Control

Remote Control

The remote control makes it very easy to set and unset your alarm with just a one button press. The remote control also has a night set and a panic button feature.  These can be added or deleted from your smartphone app.

The Smart plug that Improves Security

Security alarm smart plug

When you leave your house, close the door and arm the system. All top energy consuming and dangerous appliances will be automatically switched off. Iron, heater, and toaster will no longer create a risk of fire.


When you leave your house, close the door and arm the system. All top energy consuming and dangerous appliances will be automatically switched off. Iron, heater, and toaster will no longer create a risk of fire.


You will come back home to enjoy comfortable climate and cozy atmosphere all year round. Turn on your heating devices during winter and air conditioner during summer. Start your humidifier and heat water for your bath: do it all with only a few taps in the app on your way home.


Socket informs you about the most power consuming devices. As soon as an appliance starts consuming electricity, Socket's LED changes colour in real time.

Security Alarm Panic Button

Security Alarm Panic Button

Button immediately notifies an alarm monitoring company about the intrusion, gas leak, or fire. Moreover, it can request help and inform relatives about a sudden health deterioration in just one click.

In panic mode, the device supports one of 8 types of events. The type of event determines the alarm code sent to the security company monitoring station and the notification text received by the user. This ensures an accurate response to the threat.

Moreover, Button can manage smart home appliances by activating scenarios with a single or double clicks.

We Install Security Alarms in Bexhill, East Eussex

If you're looking for security alarm systems installation in Bexhill East Sussex, we can definitely help you out. Our team of experts can provide you with top-notch security systems that will keep your property safe and secure at all times. Whether you need a basic alarm system or a more advanced one with smart features, we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll take care of the rest.

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