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Queue Management CCTV Camera

Queue Management CCTV

Controlling  Customer Numbers 

Camera for Controlling Queues

Managing Queues

We are now at a stage in life where managing queues  have never been more important. Having a successful queue management system in place will lead to  accurate numbers of customers being let into the building at any one time.

A successful Queue management system will also lead to customer satisfaction.

Manually managing queues can often lead to errors, especially in buildings with multiple entry/exit points.

How we can Help with queue management CCTV

We have the perfect system for managing queues. A system that will accurately detect and log customer numbers within a building. A system with a visible traffic light system that will control the flow of visitors into a building through multiple entry and exit points.

Free up staff resources with our queue management system,

People Counting Camera System

How the Queue Management System Works

A Queue management CCTV camera is located at all entry exit points that customers use.

The queue management system will count all visitors entering and exiting the building.


A display screen will be located at entry exit points that will give clear instructions to the public.

The screen displays a GUI (graphical user interface). 

The GUI can be programmed with multiple user display options.

A staff member controls the flow and numbers of customers permitted to enter the building. This can be done from a PC or CCTV software.

The system can reset daily totals automatically or this can be done manually.

Image by Crissy Jarvis

People Counting CCTV

In the current unprecedented climate, in order to enable social distancing, it's imperative that buildings and facilities limit the number of people allowed inside. Many supermarkets, for instance, have a current maximum of 100-150 people let in at a time.


Our Density Control Solution automatically provides clear signage and ways to avoid overcrowding.


Calculating the numbers of visitors who enter a building throughout the day can help you to improve operations and safety within a building.


How people counting cameras can help


People counting cameras can accurately monitor the number of people that enter and exit a building, this information can be used to determine the overall volume of visitors.


Having real time visitor volume information can be a great asset and can reduce overcrowding in a building.


Waiting to be seen in heath care facilities is very common and often leads to a large congregation of people in one small pace. people counting cameras can be used to monitor the patients waiting to been seen and this information can be used to reduce the number of walk in patients by sending out waiting time information. to an app or on a public database.

People counting CCTV systems can operate on a simple traffic light system that controls the numbers of visitors that enter a building or a compete people counting system would offer graphical information which controls multiple entry and exit points.

people counting cctv camera
people counting for stores
people counting display screen


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