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Burglar Alarm Company in East Sussex

Smart burglar alarms that you have full control of and wont disturb your neighbours

We specialize in installing Ajax burglar alarms in East Sussex. Our professional team is dedicated to providing reliable and effective security solutions for residential and commercial properties in the East Sussex area. With our expertise and experience, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected by the latest in security technology from Ajax Systems.

A feature packed and reliable burglar alarm system

Ajax burglar alarms come with a wide range of features designed to provide comprehensive security for your property. Some of the key features include:

1. Wireless technology: Ajax burglar alarms are completely wireless, making them easy to install without the need for extensive wiring.

2. Hub: The central hub acts as the brain of the system, connecting all the components and allowing for remote control and monitoring.

3. Motion detectors: High-quality motion detectors are designed to accurately detect movement and trigger the alarm when unauthorized activity is detected.

4. Door/window opening detectors: These detectors alert you when doors or windows are opened, providing an additional layer of security.

5. Glass break detectors: Designed to detect the sound of breaking glass, these sensors add another level of protection against intruders.

6. Remote control: The system can be controlled and monitored remotely using a user-friendly mobile app, providing real-time alerts and the ability to arm or disarm the system from anywhere.

7. Integration: Ajax burglar alarms can be integrated with other smart home systems and security devices for a comprehensive security solution.

These are just some of the many features that make Ajax burglar alarms a popular choice for property security.

Worried about your Alarm Disturbing your Neighbours

The Ajax mobile phone app provides users with the ability to instantly see what has caused an alarm in their security system. Through the app, users receive real-time notifications when an alarm is triggered, allowing them to view the exact cause of the alarm, whether it's a motion detection, a door or window sensor, or any other security event. This instant visibility helps users make informed decisions on how to respond to the alarm.

Additionally, the Ajax app allows users to silence the outdoor siren directly from their mobile devices. This feature is particularly useful for preventing unnecessary disturbance to neighbors in the event of a false alarm. By quickly silencing the outdoor siren through the app, users can address the alarm while minimizing noise impact on the surrounding area.

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Do your Pets Set off your Burglar Alarm

Ajax Pet Friendly PIR Detectors are motion detectors specifically designed to ignore pets while still detecting human intruders. They utilize advanced algorithms to distinguish between the movement patterns of pets and humans, reducing false alarms caused by pet activity.

Window shock sensors, on the other hand, are an excellent alternative to traditional PIR detectors for areas where pet movement might still trigger false alarms. Instead of detecting motion, window shock sensors are designed to detect the vibrations caused by an attempted forced entry through a window. This makes them a great option for securing areas where pets roam freely, as they are not affected by pet movement.

Both Ajax Pet Friendly PIR Detectors and window shock sensors are effective in their own right, and the choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the security setup and the presence of pets in the area.

Monitor your Alarm from your Phone

The Ajax mobile phone app offers a comprehensive range of features that empower users to manage their security system with convenience and efficiency. Some of the key features of the Ajax mobile app include:

1. Real-time Notifications: Receive instant alerts and notifications for security events, such as alarms, system arming or disarming, and device status changes.

2. Remote Arming and Disarming: Arm or disarm the security system remotely from any location using the app, providing flexibility and control over the system.

3. Event Log: View a detailed log of all security events and system activities, including alarms, sensor activity, and system changes.

4. Video Verification: Integrate with compatible security cameras to view live video feeds and recorded footage directly from the app, allowing for visual verification of security events.

5. User Management: Manage user access and permissions for the security system, allowing for the creation and modification of user profiles and access levels.

6. Device Control: Control and configure individual security devices, such as motion detectors, door/window sensors, and sirens, directly from the app.

7. System Health Monitoring: Monitor the overall health and status of the security system, including battery levels, connectivity status, and signal strength of individual devices.

8. Customizable Settings: Customize various system settings, including alarm delay times, sensor sensitivity, and notification preferences, tailored to specific user requirements.

Overall, the Ajax mobile app provides a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive suite of features to effectively manage and monitor the Ajax security system from a mobile device, enhancing security and peace of mind.

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